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Stack the deck life has dealt you in your favour.

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You’re here because you want change.


You wish you could be empowered to change the situation and stack the deck in your favour. You have questions and fears about what the future will look like. Maybe you're unclear about what you want or how to get there. 


Imagine being in the driver's seat of your life and knowing how to get where you want to go.


Instead of worrying about tomorrow, you see the possibilities in each day. You're moving forward with clarity and confidence. 

Hi, I'm Annamaria!

I'm a leadership coach and HR specialist. I help my clients go from craving change to creating possibilities by guiding them on a journey of self discovery.


Are you in a situation where you feel powerless? As your leadership coach, I will help you gain the confidence you need to move forward.

I've been through many situations where I felt powerless: divorce, single parenting, relocation to a new city, and job loss, to name a few. None of these were easy. In fact, I was ready to throw in the towel a few times.


Eventually, I did move forward from these situations, but it was challenging to figure it out on my own. Looking back, I wish I’d had the support of a leadership coach to help me gain clarity and the self-confidence I needed from the start.


That's what I'm here to do for you. You don't have to get through this alone.

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Let's work together! 

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