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What everyone is saying...

“She is kind, she cares, she’s tough and she fights for the underdog.”

Annamaria Rocco is simply one of my favourite people. She is kind, she cares, she’s tough and she fights for the underdog. I have known Annamaria professionally for five years. She has been a client of mine, and now she is an amazing friend and co-conspirator with me and my company Taylor McMahon HR. I have worked extensively with leadership coaches and to be honest - Annamaria is one of the best. She took me and my team through her leadership assessment and we all gained great insights into our energy levels and traits. Helpful for personal growth and for relating to my team. I loved Annamaria’s debrief on the tool and will be implementing it and offering the tool to my own clients. I have an unlimited number of coaches I could represent in my firm. I have been in the trenches with Annamaria and we have had each other’s back! You know who your true friends and partners are when the chips are down. Annamaria’s integrity and her 27+ years of HR acumen make her an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Annamaria’s services!

— Katherine T.

“With Annamaria, the possibilities for your own growth and development are endless.”

Annamaria’s approach is so gentle; yet, clear. When I was contemplating tough changes that were occurring rapidly amid pandemic times, she helped me to set new, more realistic and achievable goals. I learned to create healthier boundaries when something wasn’t working as easily. 

The skills Annamaria helped me build will be invaluable for the rest of my life. I am so glad I took the time to work with her. If she can help me achieve what I did in the middle of pandemic times, imagine what she can do for you!

— Lisa B.

“Annamaria’s coaching allowed me to get clear on my goals and capabilities.”

A coach is someone who will give you what you will not receive from your friends and family, and also help you develop self-awareness. Any great business leader has hired a coach at some point, so I felt it was time for me to expand on some skills and work closely with someone who could help me do this. I found my coaching experience to be a positive one. It was very insightful and thought provoking. It allowed me to see myself in ways that hadn’t really crossed my mind before. It allowed me to get clear on my goals and my capabilities. Annamaria is very patient, caring, and has a calming demeanour. She asks the right questions and makes you feel comfortable. Her work and life experience make her very knowledgeable and give her the edge as a well rounded coach because she can speak from experience and from the heart. She truly is a pleasure to work with!

— Athina I.

“It has been the most amazing 'Self-Discovery Journey' I could ever have in my life.”

I was intrigued for a long time about what Life Coaching could bring into my life. I contacted Annamaria, a former successful HR Professional with many years of experience, who is now a Life Coach. She is dedicated to help people find their own ways to reach their goals in all aspects of life. Personally, working with Annamaria has helped me find answers to many questions I had in my personal and professional life but most importantly to make decisions that ultimately, led me to reach my goals and bring the inner peace and happiness that translates into unbelievable anabolic (positive) energy that resonates in the universe making your affirmations become true life Magic. 

I would definitely hire Annamaria once again and again and again. If I would have to describe my life coaching experience with her, I would just say that it has been the most amazing "Self-Discovery Journey" I could ever have in my life. Truly thanks Annamaria.

— Javier Y.

“Positive, humble, and honest mindset...”

I found myself on a path where I saw myself needing a life coach. I wanted someone who is a wellness professional, someone who is able to motivate me and put me onto the right tracks so I can reach my goals and my fulfillments. Someone who can assist me in improving my relationships, careers, and help me clarify my goals. During my life coaching sessions with Annamaria, i have learned a lot of valuable lessons that will help me in the future such as, identifying the obstacles that are holding me back, coming up with strategies to overcome these obstacles, find my unique skills and strengths and ways to improve them, And providing me with support and motivation for me to achieve my goals for the future and long lasting changes.

During my life coaching lessons I received many benefits that were higher than my expectations such as offering new insights into challenges and ways to deal with unresolved issues. Fulfillment guidelines, in my social life and career coaching. Preparation with my new resume with focus on my leadership experiences. Growing numerous ways to help me with creativity, executive, and entrepreneurship methods with my life coach to attain success in my professional and personal life and relationships!. To help find my ability to gain a fresh, informed perspective on the problems that I have faced.

By all means I would most definitely recommend for others to work with you. Especially with her positive, humble, and honest mindset, and a person with many years of experience as a human resource director to help them with both sides of professional and day to day lives and help them find their happiness. And ways to improve their lives for the better!

— Shirin K.

“...every time I was amazed and satisfied with her suggestions and directions.”

My career transition from academic to industry started with Cosmetica Labs, and must say that I was lucky to have Annamaria Rocco as a HR Director before she retired in 2020. She was a true leader with amiable personality. The way she managed the HR department, conducted employee training and development programs throughout the company and maintained the multicultural work environment which was amazing. I had numerous interactions with her (from hiring and retaining talent, training and developing employees, performance review and conflict resolution), and every time I was amazed and satisfied with her suggestions and directions. I have learned a lot from her about people management and motivation which helped me a lot to grow personally and professionally. 

Thanks to Annamaria for her courage to be a life coach after completing a successful HR career. This would continue to benefit many who are in need of find a better career choice and overcome challenges. I found her tips for resume writing and for job interview preparation very helpful, and I would love to seek her advice anytime needed.

- Dr. Ashapurno B.

I can say without a doubt that she is a master at what she does!

I've had the pleasure of working with Annamaria over the last three months and I can say without a doubt that she is a master at what she does! Annamaria really takes the time to understand your unique needs, talents, and aspirations, to provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to take your job search to the next level. I worked with Annamaria through her Interview Prep Program, Resume and Cover Letter. Working with her has been one of the most transformative and important career decisions I've ever made. I highly recommend her Interview Prep Program if you are looking for guidance on how to land your next dream job.

— Terran S.

"Working with Annamaria, was extremely valuable to understand and communicate my previous experience effectively and what I'm looking for."

Some months ago, I decided to redirect my career path, looking at a new industry to continue my career growth in sales. Thanks to my network, I met Anna Maria, a leadership coach with over 29 years of experience as an HR professional! Working with Annamaria, was extremely valuable to understand and communicate my previous experience effectively and what I'm looking for. We could review my resume through our work together and have ad hoc preparation for interview processes essential to increase my confidence. Annamaria offers as well different solutions to work and develop positive intelligence and self-improvement. I'd highly recommend Annamaria support if you want to improve your career path and professional and personal growth.

- Cristina V.

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